Five day Weekend Training in Data mining with Python

Data mining is one of the most needed skills in today’s world.Data analyst is the most sought after job of today and tomorrow.
Every Business have to analyze lot of data and persons familiar with data mining and visualization skills have good chance of getting a job.
This workshop is intended for young working professionals with knowledge of any one programming language to get acquainted with theory as well as practical side of modern data mining. They will be given hands-on training on data mining with python.
After the training , students will have the opportunity to do a one month mini project in data mining under guidance from our experts.
We will cover basics of data mining, classification,clustering and association analysis in theory .Lab will cover basic Python as well as data visualization, preprocessing, classification and clustering using machine learning methods in python . Deep learning is not included in this course.
Working Lunch included
The course is currently offered in Cochin. For more details, contact +917907088705

Key Features

  • Basic data mining in Python
  • Mini project
  • Expert Lectures
  • Certification
  • Fee: Rs.8000 ₹ (Pay advance 100₹)

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